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Sponsorship allows animal lovers to support their favourite animal by being symbolically linked to it.  This support allows you to contribute to the life of the animal: 

  • Feeding costs
  • Entertainment opportunities
  • Improvements to the design of their living space
  • Medical care

By sponsoring, you get : 

  • A free zoo pass for you and 2 companions (non-transferable)
  • Tickets for the zoo pool
  • Certificate of sponsorship with a photo of the chosen species and an explanation

And you can : 
  • Participate in the annual sponsor's day
  • Discover the work at the zoo
  • Attend the feeding and occupations
  • Ask all your questions

Sponsorship can be terminated at any time


Choose your favourite species

Price per year

Bear CHF 1'000.-
Wolf CHF 700.-
Lynx CHF 700.-
Deer CHF 600.-
Wild boar CHF 600.-
Fox CHF 500.-
Wildcat CHF 500.-
Chamois CHF 500.-
Ibex CHF 500.-
Mouflon sheep CHF 500.-
Red deer CHF 500.-
Muntjac CHF 500.-
Marmot CHF 500.-



For companies wishing to support the zoo, we offer the following sponsorship: 
  • Guided tour(s) and aperitif(s), ideal for a company outing
  • A plaque with your company logo on the enclosure of the chosen animal




Price per year

1 plaque
1 visit for 20 people
1 aperitif
CHF 1'000.-
1 plaque
visits for 20 people
2 aperitifs
CHF 1'980.-
1 plaque
visits for 20 people
3 aperitifs
CHF 2'950.-
Visits and aperitifs
of your choice
of your choice


Alpine zoo

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